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My passion for pastry

Cooking is an art with infinite possibilities. I put my passion and inspiration at the service of gourmets'palate.

Let me cook so you can be delighted! I love desserts. From ice creams to wedding cakes they are sweet. Each mouthful is a firework of exotic aromas and flavors exploding on the buds of the tongue. It's a spark of pleasure we always long for…

I started my journey as an Executive Pastry Chef 15 years ago in the North of France. I then traveled to England and from there my trade brought me to the four corners of the world, on land and at sea. I have been working in high-end kitchens making desserts for the guests of prestigious Hotels and Palaces. Some of the companies I worked for include: Bentley Kempinsky, Moving Venue, Hakassan and Hotels Parouen.

Travelling is a fantastic opportunity and a real pleasure for a Chef! Visiting remote places, I often had the unique chance to work with fresh fruits and spices right from their land of origin just a few hours after they had been harvested!

In the hottest moments I have crafted desserts for special events and banquets welcoming VIPs such as Madonna, Heads of State and Soccer star Didier Drogba - I love the challenge!

I have been coordinating teams, working with many co-workers and together we delivered amazing desserts and results!

Let's not forget the practical aspect: while being creative I also have a keen eye for stock management, ordering and finances being at the center of my attention!

Are you now looking for an Executive Pastry Chef? If so feel free to contact me so we can talk about your goals and the solutions I can provide.

Yours faithfully,

Timothée Serra

My work

I take you on a tour, have a look at my creations

Panettone Zabaglione
Double Choc. Mousse
Peach and Almond Tart
Cheese Cake
Apricot Choc. Mousse
Lemon Tart
Lime Tart
Banquet Pastries
White Choc. Roasted Pineapple
Banquet pastries


Timothée Serra


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